Why NoxFox
Small and lightweight, NOXFOX catalytic filters are a low cost alternative to traditional converter technology. They play a very important role in helping engine and equipment manufacturers meet new EPA regulations. Since NOXFOX catalytic filters integrate within exhaust systems, engine modifications are not necessary.

On September 4, 2008, the EPA finalized a new emission control program for the outdoor power equipment industry. The new program requires that small engines reduce hazardous emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxides), CO (carbon monoxide), and HC (hydrocarbons). According to EPA estimates, these small engines account for approximately 25% of the HC and 30% of the CO mobile-source emissions annually. The EPA estimates that new, advanced emission control strategies - such as NOXFOX - will reduce annual emissions.

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Why NOXFOX catalytic filters are essential
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Why is NOXFOX essential? According to the EPA:
• Over 30% of smog-forming gases come from small engines.
• Non-road engines emitted more than 4.5 million tons of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere in 2002.
• About 14 million small engines (Class I and Class II) are sold each year.
• There are over 50 million lawn mowers and other turf equipment currently used in the US.
• Small engines operate about 3 billion hours each year.
• Small engines will require catalytic devices to meet EPA regulations.